Saturday, May 21, 2016

Best 25 Appliions apk for rooted android - A must have collection!

If you want to get 100% fun from your android you have root it. By rooting your android you will be able to access everything on your phone. You can expand internal memory & install all the apps on the sd card. Remove the system apps you don't need! Boost up the performance of your android via Chainfire 3D & Overclocked CPU. Crte the entire backup using Titanium Backup.
Now root your phone & get all the advantages of your android! Just Google How to root 'your android'......

Now Download the best 25 apps for root android . List of these 25 best apps for rooted android--

1) Absolute System.apk
2) Amin Mod.apk
3) Apk Uploader for root Adfree v1.2.apk
4) Bloat Freezer.apk
5) Cache Mate.apk
6) Chainfire3D.Pro.v28-MM.apk
7) Font Changer.apk
8) Font Flasher v6.apk
9) free memory v2.6.4.apk
10) klink tether.apk
11) km launcher.apk
12) live dmesg.apk
13) live log.apk
14) My Backup pro.apk
15) Root Booter v1.2.apk
16) Root Call Blocker Pro.apk
17) Root Explorer.apk
18) Root System Tool.apk
19) Root Tools.apk
20) Root Uninstaller Prov2.2.apk
21) Set CPU.apk
22) swapper v1.7.apk
23) System App Remover.apk
24) Titanium Backup.apk
25) zMooth Pro.apk

Download: Best 25 paid apps apk collection for Rooted android!

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