Saturday, May 21, 2016

Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe 3.3.5 APK Download

Name: Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe | Version: 3.3.5 | MOD: - | Requires Android: 2.3.3 and upDeep Galaxies HD Deluxe 3.3.5 Overview:Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe: ★★★ Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe epic -30% sale only for a limited time★★★

Travel to the distant and unrchable worlds with this butiful wallpaper. Uses device's gyroscope (sensor for msuring orientation) for unique 3D and depth effects.

Over 600 butiful combinations to plse your eye!

This is the first relse. Lots of updates with new background themes, planets and preferences are coming soon.

Ftures:- Gyroscope support
- 7 absolutely different shapes:
-- Sperical, Flat and Evaporating nebulas
-- Quasar - the most ddlies object in space
-- Hand of God - autentific nebula
-- Spiral Galaxy
-- Flying through nebula scene
...And more to come
- 10 unique color themes (Fire, Frozen, Flesh, Oasis, Kissel, Ice and Fire, Bronze, Blue Kissel and Mixed)
- 9 unique background types (from simple stars to butiful color patterns)
- 3 different density options
- Butiful space dust
- Gyroscope and Free cameras
- Tons of camera settings (from sensitivity to distance)
- OpenGL ES 2.0 for stunning visuals
- Limit FPS to save your battery
- 100% C++ for optimal performance

WARNING. If your phone doesn't have gyroscope you can still use "Free" camera mode and control camera with your fingers.
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