Saturday, May 21, 2016

Devils at the Gate apk: Android latest tower defense games apk free downloads from mediafire!

Devils at the Gate is a new tower defense games on android market. Its has become a very popular game on android platform. All the fans of tower defense games should try this game! Devils at the Gate apk Android latest tower defense games apk free downloads from mediafire! Now, What are you waiting for? Download & play this awesome tower defense game on your android.

Market Description:
Devils At The Gate, Wonderful 3D Tower defense Game
Devils at the Gate:Total Resistance is a Tower Defense game based on a war scenario between the Patriots and the Devils.
Players are required to rationally manage the Patriots to combat the Devils.
Game characters are witty, and pictures are exquisite. What has made this game even remarkable is that this game uses different perspectives effect, an unprecedented innovation to TD game in the market. We believe this game will render players a totally new experience!
Game Ftures:
-Maps with unique perspective effect Players will notice the nicely designed perspective effect maps when they launch the game, and magnificent and butiful scenes are a plus.
-Different combinations of Patriots can be used to complete a level The game players are to use a combination of as many as 10 types of Patriots (saber man, striker, guerrilla forces, etc) to ace ch level. ch Patriot is armed with a specific wpon with unique function, and game player is able to, at his/her own will, choose the combination of the Patriots.
-Delie and various game maps Eight delie maps are available, including villages, ports, snow mountain and etc. Players can ace difficult levels by using wpons according to characteristics of the maps.
-Witty Characters Characters have rich actions, and both the Patriots and the Devils act witty in their every movement.

Download: Devils at the Gate from Mediafire

Compatible Devices: Android 2.1 & Up.

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