Saturday, May 21, 2016

Javelin Browser 2.3.10 APK Full Download

Name: Javelin Browser | Version: 2.3.10 | MOD: - | Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Javelin Browser 2.3.10 Overview:Javelin Browser | Javelin is a GORGEOUS Android browser focused on the MOBILE experience of surfing the web.

★ #1 mobile browser with BUILT-IN ADBLOCK
★ First Android browser with RDING MODE (Similar to Rdability/Pocket app)
★ ONE-TOUCH navigation for everything

Just these first 3 ftures will be enough to sell a browser to Barack Obama. But that is just the icing on the delicious browser that Javelin is. Here are the other things Javelin is capable of:

● lit bookmarks (Bookmarks are sorted based on frequency of use)
● Built-in Proxy Services (In-app subscription required)
● Incognito mode (Private browsing)
● App opens immediately (Fast start times)
● HOLO (because YOLO)

FAQ● (Permission) Loion access – Disabled by default. This is for websites that require your loion (Think Google Maps, or Google Local Srch). It can be enabled/disabled in settings.

● (Permission) Accounts – Used only 1 time. This is for contact purposes. Should the need arises, the developer (myself) needs to know which account to send an email to.

● (Permission) Billing – For in-app purchase, see the next point.

● (In app Subscription) Including a 30 day trial, Javelin requires an in-app subscription to enable its built-in proxy service for censorship bypass.What's new:- Added russian translation
- Added handling of intents properly
- Various bug fixesScreenshots: Instructions:Download APK files belowInstall APKLaunch the app
Download» Javelin Browser 2.3.10 APKDownload via Google Play:
Google Play Link

Direct Link:Free Download Javelin Browser 2.3.10 APK Here

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