Saturday, May 21, 2016

NotiSysinfo Pro 1.1.2 APK Full Download

Name: NotiSysinfo Pro | Version: 1.1.2 | MOD: - | Requires Android: 2.3 and upBt The Boss 3 1.6.3 Overview:NotiSysinfo Pro: NotiSysinfo Pro - System Information in the notifiion drawer

NotiSysinfo Pro (Notifiion System Information Pro) is a small system monitoring background service. It displays system information as a notifiion, thus you can check your device's RAM, CPU, storage usage whenever you want, without starting any appliion.

The notifiion is customizable and can display the following information:• RAM information (total, free, used)
• Two configurable storage information panels
• CPU information: usage, frequency per cores
• Battery info (battery level, temeprature, voltage)

NOTE:Android notifiions has a maximum height, It's limited by the OS itself.
If you turn all the info panels on and/or you choose a big text size, then the bottom of the last info panel will maybe truned. In this case you should choose a smaller text size and/or choose the compact layout.

The notifiion icon is also configurable, it can show the following information:
What's new:- Russian translation
- New percentage icons (only for xhdpi devices)
- New storage path options (/mnt/ext_card and /storage/usb0/)
- Bug fixes
Instructions:Download APK files belowInstall APKLaunch the appDownload» NotiSysinfo Pro 1.1.2 APKDownload via Google Play:
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Direct Link [APK Files]:Download NotiSysinfo Pro APK Here

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