Saturday, May 21, 2016

PicSay Pro apk: Best Photo Editor in android market. Latest version & Free download from mediaifre link!

PicSay Pro is the best photo editor for android . It has so many ftures to draw & edit pictures or photos. PicSay Pro is a powerfull all-in-one photo editor for Android. It provides a host of ftures in a fast and sy-to-use interface:

-Cut out parts of other pictures and add them to your main picture. Add color adjustments to the cutout to match the color of the main picture and crte a perfect blend.

-Use your finger to paint with differently sized soft and hard edged brushes. Choose from a rainbow of colors with transparency. Undo if you make a mistake.
-Make color pop out of black-and-white pictures by using the Pop Colors effect.

-Color correct and Sharpen your pictures. Make pictures more intense using Exposure and Contrast, spice up the colors with Saturation, and get rid of that blue color cast using Temperature.
-Add text to your pictures using titles and word balloons with different styles and fonts. Use perspective transformations to add extra depth to your titles.
-Stretch, twist, pinch, and distort your pictures in a variety of ways.
-Make fun of your friends by decorating their pictures with eyes, rs, noses, hats, and other props. Or get the message across with your picture by adding various pointers, symbols, and other shapes.
-Apply photographic effects like vignette, cross process, sepia toning, black & white, duotone, and more.
-View the loion of edited pictures that have been geotagged, or simply use your current loion to add a geotag to a picture that does not have one. When you export, the loion is stored in the Exif data of the picture.
-High-quality editing Even though your phone may not display all colors, editing is done in 24-bit color at the highest resolution that memory allows ( usually 1024x768 ), so your pictures look grt when you view them on a desktop computer.
-Mark your pictures as favorite so you can edit them later or sily export the final picture. Share it via the services you have installed on your phone or enter a new filename and save it to the SD card.

Download From Mediafire link: PicSay Pro Apk

Compatible Device List:

PicSay Pro apk is compatible for your android phone, free! PicSay Pro apk on any android phone having Android 1.6 & up.
QVGA Devices: Galaxy Mini/Pop, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy fit, Galaxy 5, Wildfire, Ericson Xperia mini 10, Mini Pro etc. PicSay Pro apkHVGA Devices: PicSay Pro apk Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Ace, Vibrant; Sensation, Hero, Desire, Desire HD (Ace), Desire S, Desire Z (G2, Vision), Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G, Incredible 2, Incredible S, Inspire 4G, P990 Optimus 2X, P999 (Star, G2x), Revolution VS910, Optimus 3D P920, Thrill 4G (P925), P929; Droid X, Xoom; - SO-01C (Xperia Arc), Xperia Neo, Xperia Play.

WVGA Devices: PicSay Pro apk on Galaxy Tab 10.1v (P7100), Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500), Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7510), Iconia Tab A500, IconiaTab A501.


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