Saturday, May 21, 2016

Smooth Calendar v1.0.0.2: The best calendar widget for android! Downlaod latest apk from mediafire!

Smooth calendar is the best & simplest calendar widget for android devices. It’s very sy to use. Put it on your home page. It will be very useful to remember upcoming tasks. You can change its apprance such as colors, text fonts, text color, transparent background etc. Choose how many task or event you want to show on your home up to six tasks. It is a highly customizable calendar widget. Overall, this is the best calendar widget I have ever used. Use it & tell me, Are you agree with me?Download: Smooth Calendar V1.0.0.2 apk from mediafireYou can use this on every android mobile phone. Android Market rating for this widget is 4.5, which is very good. Now what are you waiting for. Download & install this simple but very useful widget on your android phone.

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