Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sms Backup & Restore v4.1: Best sms backup appliion for Android! Free apk download from mediafire

Do you want to backup all of your messages on android? So that you can keep your lovely & favorite sms safe. Sms Backup & Restore is the best app which will keep your messages in a safe place & restore them without facing a single problem. I have been using it from the beginning of my android life! Its very sy to handle.

How to use it:
Crte a Backup: Download & open the appliion, their will be few options. if you want to Crte a Backup just tap the 'Backup' & name your back up file. Tap Ok. You are done!
It will automatically crte a back up as a xml file in your android's sd card.

Restore: Its just like the backup process. Tap 'Restore' button & choose the backup file you want to restore. Tap Ok. Thats it! It will restore all of your backup messages.

View: Tap this to view your backup files.

Delete Backups: Tap 'Delete Backup' if you want to delete backups. Then check the box you want to delete & tap 'Delete Selected'.

Delete Messages: Do you need to delete all the messages on your phone? I think, No. If you need to delete all the smss from your phone just tap it. But Do Not Forget To Crte A Backup Before Deleting.

Email: You can also send a backup file through emails! Just tap the button at the right corner on the top. Select a send!!!

Download: SMS Backup & Restore v4.1 apk from mediafire

Backup & Restore v4.1 is the best sms backup appliion. Do you want loose your favorite messages? Answer is simple, You don't. So what are you waiting for? Download & Install SMS Backup & Restore & crte a backup!

Don't know how to install apk files? Check it Out!

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