Saturday, May 21, 2016

Smurfs' Village 1.0.0 apk: Android games latest downloads free from mediafire

Smurfs' Village is a very nice strategy game for android devices. Remember the Smurfs! The blue little crtures. In this game you have to build a new village so that the smurf can live there & call it their idl home! You will have to start with a single mushroom house & a plot of land. Starting from this point you will have to build houses for different purpose, make butiful gardens, bridges & rivers!

⋆Show your crtivity. Make a village with your plan
⋆Play different kinds of Smurf game including papa smurf, lazy smurf etc.
⋆Play Offline- Control the village anytime offline.

Download: Smurfs' Village v1.0.0 apk fro Mediafire
Download: Smurfs' Village from Android Market Free!

You can play Smurfs' Village on your android phone, free! Smurfs' Village is playable on any android phone having android 1.6 & up. Smurfs' Village in Galaxy mini/pop, Galaxy fit, Galaxy 5 and Ericson X10 or x10 pro, wildfire without any problem. You can also play Smurfs' Village on Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Ace, Desire, Desire HD, Ericson Play, Ericson Arc, Google One etc. I am playing this on my Galaxy Mini without any problem. Directly download it from mediafire & show your crtivity in making a village!!!

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