Saturday, May 21, 2016

Suite Pro v5 apk: Best Suite appliion for Android! Free & latest download from mediafire!

Which is the most important software for a computer? Suite, antivirus, media players? What do you think? My openion is clr about that & I think suite( word, excel, power point) is the most essential because we have to wirk with it, always. We cant prepare a document without a word processing software like . Now, you are using an android & you must need a suite to prepare documents when you are out of the . Here comes the Suite Pro version 5.1.508 by Mobile Systems. It is the best word document crtor & rder in android platform. With Suite Pro you can crte Word files, Excel Sheets & Power Point Slides.

Download: Suite Pro v5.1.508 apk from mediafire FREE!!!
Download: Suite Pro v5.1.50 apk from 4Sharedor
Download: Suite Pro v5.1.519 from the android market @ $14.99 !!!

Word Document: You will find everything in this appliion to crte a complete word document. You can Change fonts, fonts color, put ing option etc. You can also insert additional content like pictures, hyperlinkgs, tables, brk, comments, footnotes, endnotes.

Excel Workbook: With Suite Pro v5. you can crte a complete excel sheet. Inserting all the charts is the most useful fture in this appliion. Every things are just like the excel 2007! Experience it!

PowerPoint Presentation: Crte powerpoint presentation on your android phone! you can crte a total power point presentation with this awesome appliion. Select the templates you want to use & crte the presentation.

You can save the documents as 2007 files. its the most user friendly word processing mobile appliion in the android market.

Supporting Devices: It can be installed almost in every Android Phone including Galaxy Mini, Gio, Fit, S, S2, Tab; Wildfire, Sensation, Hero, Titan, Desire, Bravo; Ericson arc, x10, mini, pro etc.

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