Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Settlers HD apk & sd files for android. Mediafire free downloads! QVGA-HVGA-WVGA

Do you want to play Age Of Empires on your android ? Yes, this is possible. The Settlers make it possible for mobile game lovers. The Settlers is the game from Gameloft. Everything in this game is just like Age of Empires. You can build houses, barracks, villagers, soldiers, protection wall etc. Conquer the land you want. Make large army with your alliances & go for a war. Enjoy the advanced gameplay for android
phone.The Settlers is highly strategic game, this type of game is never sy to play. You have to be lit & patience. Now, go for this awesome game & grab the PC games experience on your android phone.

1) Gather resources and build a lively and bustling town in an ancient world. Your decisions and skill in managing and protecting your settlement will determine its fate.
2) The strength of your units depends on how effectively you have built up your settlement and paid attention to the economic relationships within it.
3) Three nations to govern: Conquer new territories, deft rival armies, and establish an empire with your warriors that encompasses lands and continents.
4) A huge of parameters to manage: Dozens of building's types, settlements, soldiers, raw materials, and much more.
5) An accessible game for everybody, thanks to extensive tutorial missions and multi-touch gameplay, idl for strategy games.
Download: QVGA apk & Titanium backup files (Mediafire)Download: SD Files (187MB)

Instruction for QVGA users:
1. Extract Settlers.qvga.apk+titaniumbackup.rar
2. Place GloftST folder to sdcard\gameloft\games
3. Place the Titanium Backup folder on the sdcard/TitaniumBackup
4. Install the file named The_Settlers_HD_1.0.3_QVGA.apk
5. Install more files with names signedThe_Settlers_HD_1.0.3__tag3r.apk,it will ask u to replace install,select yes and install
6. Restore The Settlers HD 1.0.3 using TitaniumBackup.
7. Install the file again signedThe_Settlers_HD_1.0.3__tag3r.apk
8. Done
This game was not working on galaxy fit, textures problem was in there everything were white and black but now i have Fixed it it works smoother and fine on galaxy fit
this game is tested on galaxy fit and mini and galaxy 5
works perfect

Copy Data Files to SDCard/Gameloft/Games

Download: HVGA apk & Titanium backup files Mediafire
Download: SD Files (187MB)

Instruction for HVGA users:
After you install the apk and put the data, install Titanium Backup from market ( you must have a root access)
-Extract the downloaded file to sdcard
-Open Titanium Backup
-Select The Settlers
-Select restore DATA Only
HVGA version is tested on GT540 ,works perfect and smoothThe Settlers HD for Android
Compatible Device List:QVGA Devices: Galaxy Mini/Pop, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy fit, Galaxy 5, Wildfire, Ericson Xperia mini 10, Mini Pro etc.HVGA Devices: Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Ace, Vibrant; Sensation, Hero, Desire, Desire HD (Ace), Desire S, Desire Z (G2, Vision), Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G, Incredible 2, Incredible S, Inspire 4G, P990 Optimus 2X, P999 (Star, G2x), Revolution VS910, Optimus 3D P920, Thrill 4G (P925), P929; Droid X, Xoom; - SO-01C (Xperia Arc), Xperia Neo, Xperia Play.WVGA Devices: Galaxy Tab 10.1v (P7100), Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500), Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7510), Iconia Tab A500, IconiaTab A501.

(The game is about 1.2 GB, ensure the space in sd card)
If you have any chance to buy The Settlers HD from the Gameloft Website, plse buy & get your sd files from here.

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