Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hero of Sparta HD: Android game apk & sd files for free. QVGA(240X320) & HVGA!

Hero of Sparta HD is a grt relse from famous Game publisher, Gameloft. Where a spartan king fight for his hope to get back to his home after the entire fleet of ships wiped out by a violent storm. In the mission he has to kill all the enemy in this path to find & free a who will ld them to home. In Hero of Sparta HD you have to fight the world darkest monsters like Cyclops, Cerberus etc. Even he have to fight the Gods! Its your chance to write down new led, if you survive from this grt adventure. You can play Hero of Sparta hd both of in your QVGA or HVGA devices!

Gameplay: Hero of Sparta consists of 8 levels where the player controls a Spartan king wielding a sword and fighting various mythical bsts. The Spartan collects "orbs" from his fallen enemies, green orbs for hlth, blue for magical energy, and red for experience which can be used to upgrade his wpons' damage and special powers. When upgraded to full damage, wpons take on a new "ultimate" form. When certain enemies are wkened, the player may perform a finishing move on them, executed by tapping a series of buttons that appr on-screen. This will kill the enemy and grant the player more orbs than a regular elimination.

The sword and shield of Hephaestus. Received in the 's Island level.
The sword of Damocles. Received after defting the Keeper.
The Bow Of Apollo. Received upon completing Garden City level.
The Axe of Ajax. Received upon completing Descent level.
Ishtar's twin swords. Found in the mouth of Cerberus after defting it, in Hound's Lair.

Hero of Sparta HD can be played in your android phone, free! You can play this game in your QVGA device. Galaxy mini/pop, Galaxy fit, Galaxy 5 and Ericson X10 mini or x10 mini pro, wildfire, without any problem. You can also play Hero of Sparta HD in your high end HVGA android . Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Ace, Desire, Desire HD, Ericson Play, Ericson Arc, Google One etc. I am playing this on my Galaxy Mini without any problem. However, my phone has a QVGA display!.You can download the Hero of Sparta HD QVGA & HVGA apk file with the sd files package. Download From the mediafire link.
Qvga apk Hvga Apk Hero of Sparta HD qvga apk + sd files Fixed
If you have a chance to buy Hero of Sparta HD from the Gameloft Website. Plse buy & get your sd files from here. Thank you. Price: $4.99Instructions: 1) Download & Extract ( : lycanbd ) the file containing Hero of Sparta HD QVGA & HGVA .apk & sd files2) Copy the Hero of Sparta HD .apk to sd card & install3) Then copy the sd files: ‘hos’ folder in your: sd/gameloft/games/...4) Launch Hero of Sparta HDThat’s it! Now you can enjoy this adventures game on your android phone. For free!Compatible QVGA device list : Hero of Sparta HD is playable almost in every high end android . But you can play it in QVGA devices ( galaxy mini/pop, galaxy fit, galaxy 5, Ericson x10 pro, wildfire etc). It’s tough to find the QVGA(240*320) optimized games in the web. So all FPS game lovers, take part in my blog & the taste of brilliant games around the android world!

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