Saturday, May 21, 2016

Robo Defense v2.3.0: Latest Android games apk Download free from mediafire

Robo Defense is the best tower defense game in the android market. It is best selling game of its kind. Robo Defense v2.3.0 is a completely addictive game. its gameplay is very interesting. All a player have to do is to save a castle from the bad soldiers or their air support. There are some types of wpon will be given. Machine gun, long range canon, mortar & air surface missiles. If 20 of their soldiers brk down your security & enter the castle, The game over! Robo Defense latest update in version 2.3.0. I will provide you Robo Defense v2.3.0 apk for free from mediafire link.

Download: Latest Robo Defense v2.3.0 from the market.
Download: Updated & Latest Robo defense v2.3.0 apk from Mediafire link.

How to install: Copy this file to sd card then simply install the game. It will be saved in your sd memory.

This game can be played in your android phone, free! You can play Robo Defense on any android phone having android 1.6 & up. Play Robo Defense in Galaxy mini/pop, Galaxy fit, Galaxy 5 and Ericson X10 or x10 pro, wildfire without any problem. You can also play Robo Defense on Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Ace, Desire, Desire HD, Ericson Play, Ericson Arc, Google One etc. I am playing this on my Galaxy Mini without any problem. Directly download it from mediafire & keep your castle unharmed!

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